About Us

Blast Broadcasting, Inc.

The parent company of Blast Boxes is Blast Broadcasting, Inc. which is a full service technology company specializing in server hosting, software development, video streaming and video on demand.  These services will aid many entities such as personal video streaming, worship service broadcasting, businesses with techs in field, corporate meetings and training sessions, drone operators  live streaming, home and business security monitoring, live auctions streaming to potential buyers, sporting events, IP cameras, GoPro and many more.

Blast Boxes has the capacity to create online TV network channels for video distribution.  There is continual effort put into the monitoring of servers and networks to ensure the best uptime for our customers.

Blast Broadcasting, Inc. via BlastBoxes is created partnerships with streaming software developers.  This allows software to be extended to customers when purchasing servers.

Our Current Projects

BlastBoxes is dedicated to providing the best products and services for the video streaming and video on demand industry though the following interactive projects.


This is our corporate website. It features information about our current projects and services being offered. Customers can request custom projects and solutions to their individual needs..



Blast Boxes is a video streaming , video on demand server rental and software services website. Customers can quickly and easily rent the video server  technology they need to manage and operate their video projects.



Blast Channels provides the online solution for users to have their own TV channels. They can easily schedule shows and distribute distribute to all worldwide audiences.